Registry Abstraction Automation

The typical registry abstraction process is time-consuming, manual and highly variable.  Juniper Health automates the registry abstraction process, which saves significant registrar time, decreases health system operating expenses and improves the quality of data submissions.

Our Solution

Juniper Health offers a software platform that automates the registry abstraction process for health systems submitting data to registries like the National Trauma Data Bank®.


Integration with your EHR allows Juniper Health to import patient information


Leverages Natural Language Processing and other technologies to analyze unstructured text


Thousands of clinically-based rules allow the solution to interpret the medical record like an expert registrar, including automatic population of all registry fields with recommended answers


Includes an explanation to support recommendations for each data field

Features of the Solution

We have created an easy-to-use platform that automates the manual registry abstraction process

Juniper Health's Benefits

  • Cost-savings due to more efficient abstraction process
  • Decrease variability in the data being submitted
  • Identify patients for registry inclusion that are often missed 
  • Allow health system to redirect resources to other activities
  • Address challenge of hiring and retaining registrars
  • Improve registrar job satisfaction

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